Web Development

The term “web development” means much more than creating websites. This is referring to all kinds of web developments, from websites or online magazines to web applications, solutions for automation and the administration of flow of information in companies, e-commerce portals, solutions ERP or any other services based on web programming.

Web development has a large range from creating an easy plain text pages to a complex web application, social network application and electronic business application.

The web development is based on a hierarchy and has the following stapes:

  • Client – side coding
  • Server – side coding
  • Database technology

Depending of your objectives and needs, at www.mitbc.eu we develop together a large range of projects that satisfy every need and necessity. We offer web development services from companies which are looking to create a new responsive website (presentation or e-commerce with CMS), IOS or Android application, a new visual identity or need an external IT consultant for their current projects.

A few of the essential characteristics of successful web projects are:

  • Attractive interface – with an personalized design, that will offer your visitors an unique experience of navigation
  • Intuitive structure, easy to navigate – showing all the necessary information in a consistent way, esthetic and coherent, to transmit the messages and information you want to all your visitors.
  • Features various, adapted to your needs, which are determining your clients to come periodical on your website.

Both, for the visible part of the website (front-end) as  for the administrative part of the website (back-end), we are developing and integrating the newest web technologies on the market, to obtain web solutions complete personalized, functional and adapted to your needs!