With us everything become simple and effective.

Business Solutions

MIT BC is a company focused to provide business solutions for companies in different stage of development using its wide range of services and skilled staff. If you face challenges as business management, growth opportunities, or to put your business back to profit you are in the right spot.

Web Development

We offer web development services for companies which are looking to create a new responsive website (presentation or e-commerce with CMS), IOS or Android application, a new visual identity or need an external IT consultant for their current projects. From designers to programmers we have all pack!

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services are dedicated to companies which want to improve their business using internet opportunities. You can benefit by services from specialist in this area: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), email marketing, content strategy & production.

Mitica Craciun, Founder

We make dynamic companies more efficient and effective in business!

Our approach is very simple, and yet effective — we make dynamic companies more efficient and effective in business by exploring their potential and strengthen their weakness.


Our solutions are simple and effective.

  • Vision to Plan

    We convert your idea into a project and then we bring it in reality. Our company shall create a custom team based on your project requirements and work to make it real.

  • Plan to Market

    Launching a new product or service can be an exciting time for a company. We help you to launch with success your new product or service on market based on a short/medium/long term strategy.

  • Plan to Market

    Launching a new product or service can be an exciting time for a company. We help you to launch with success your new product or service on market based on a short/medium/long term strategy.

  • Market to Growth

    Based on quality analyses we will help you to reach new market. In order to be succesful our team will do a full set of analyses from SWOT/4P/PESTIL up to satisfaction surveys.

How we Work

Our work starts from knowing your business and finish with finding proper solutions!

Together we define the project and objectives

We want to know you and your business!

We create a dedicated team based on project definition

Manage Project up to Full Completion

Why us?

Experience / Transparency / Communication / Reports / Solutions / Client Satisfaction

Experienced Team

Our experienced team is formed by people with creative minds, good values, strong qualifications and excellent skills. We present a balanced team ready to provide solutions to all your challenges.

Contract Transparency

In us you will find a trustable partner in any aspect of our collaboration. Contracts will be created by a specialist in order to prevent any discrepancy in our agreement.

Great Communication

For every project we shall asign a project manager which will be at your disposal with details regarding our work for you. He will offer reports and will keep you informed with project execution.

Weekly Reports

Every week our clients will receive a full report about how the project evolved. Team reports will be processed in one by project manager to offer relevant information about project execution.

Custom Solutions

Based on your project attributes our experienced team will provide you with custom solutions. Our goal is to come with real, innovative, creative, problem solving and quality solutions.

Client Satisfaction

We pay lot of attention to provide a high satisfaction level, respect and confidence to our clients threw competence, good communications and quality services that surpass client expectation.


Launch Me!

We help you to setup your business and launch it in the right way

Make me visible!

Our marketing specialist will learn and help you to increase your local & global visibility PHYSICAL & ONLINE

Reach Market

We shall create a clear Marketing Strategy which will increase position on market or will help you reach new markets

Leverage Development

Based on deep analyses we shall create a strategy which will put you back on profit

Business Development

MIT BC is able to provide custom business development strategies based on deep analyses & researching over company and market.

Identity Pack

Our professionals will help you to get a clear corporate identity based on your business particularities.

Web Development

Assistance, counseling in defining your web product and implementation of it into a functional and great looking website.

IOS / Android Application

Assistance & counseling in defining your application and launch it on the Apple/Android Store.

Digital Marketing

Make you visible on web using advanced SEO technics.

Social Media + Create content

Create qualitative content for your social media accounts, from images up to text to make you visible in a professional way.

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